Twitter Marketing Tips: How to refine content?

The best way to know that your Twitter handle is rad is when it brings you business, leads and queries. But do you know how you can do so? If you feel your official business twitter account needs to be a perfect business generating tool, then follow the Twitter Marketing tips shared in this post and you will be astonished to see how big difference it will make.

Twitter Marketing Tips

Be Visual and Visually Appealing

There are many ways your profile can affect your followers. Because it is a micro-blogging site, you need to make the most out of all the resources that are available. Follow these steps to ensure that you have made your profile visually perfect for your followers:

  • Upload your business icon as a profile pic
  • Upload a timeline cover that displays your services/products
  • Share images with followers of your workplace/work processes
  • Include images in your tweets
  • Share general information via media

Be Explicitly Congenial

By using your business twitter profile, you are representing not yourself, but your business. Hence, you have to make the profile, its tweets and overall content as per your business philosophy. Having said that, make sure that you are congenial to your followers.

  • Create simple and easy to understand tweets
  • Write tweets that point towards your service – directly/indirectly
  • Always reply, favorite or retweet your followers, but not unnecessarily
  • Ask them questions
  • Reply to their queries
  • Don’t be rude or formal – be balanced
  • Greet your followers and start a conversation – engage them

Be Strategic

Being interactive, friendly and creative is fine but you need to be strategic when it comes to driving the most from this platform. People are choosy and busy these days. Therefore, you need to be a planner to ensure that everything you post catches the attention of your followers.

  • Be short and sweet
  • Launch products, introduce offers, announce sales
  • Make use of popular events to drive traffic to your parent website
  • Use trending hashtags that are relevant to your niche
  • Don’t be overactive – use the platform wisely
  • Analyze the traffic and understand your audience better
  • Direct your followers to your online store

Another thing you might want to remember is that you have to work yourself around in only 140 characters – that’s pretty less, especially if you want to share just about everything with your followers. Therefore, if you want to include links, you might want to shorten the link using URL shortens.

By using these simple Twitter marketing tips you can ensure that the tweets are engaging, strategic, composed and meaningful. Also, keep sharing random facts and information with your followers to break the monotony.

As far as 140 characters is concerned, you need to be strict about the content marketing phase and should stick to the plan you outline for your business.

Happy Tweeting!


Sonia Tilbet


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