Four Facebook marketing mistakes that you need to avoid

If you want to go ahead with your Facebook marketing gimmicks, then the first thing you need to do is to understand the mistakes that you have been making. As important as it is to do the right thing, it is equally important to stop yourself from making the mistakes.

So, what can you do about it?

Well, here is a list of mistakes that can really help –

  1. Marketing is A Dialogue Not Monologue

Social media marketing got its name for a reason, and that reason is you have to be social with your community. Gone are the days when marketing was only a one way conversation from the company’s end, blabbering about their expertise. The rules have changed now. Marketing has become more of a dialogue, which you need to make with the audience, understand the problem they are facing and then come up with an answer on how your product or service can bring an end to that problem. Once you are able to do that, you can be sure to expand your community and let more leads flow.

  1. Posting Just Anything

If you have been posting just anything about your company, then stop doing it. And, by anything all I mean to say is that there are companies out there who continue to post about their plans, prices, packages, and similar other stuff that does interest the users. This is the reason that you need to get your creative bugs up and running to come out with something unique, engaging and creative enough to capture the eye of the users. For instance, a behind the scenes view of your business would do your social media presence a world of good.

  1. No FB Marketing Strategy

Facebook has evolved from being just another social media platforms to one of the most important marketing tool. And, working on it for your business without any strategy is going to lead you nowhere. You need to have an aim as to where you want to head with the Facebook marketing. Once you are done with it, you need create a plan accordingly and start working on the plan to come up with the results. An important thing here is to measure those results just to ensure that you are headed in the right direction.

  1. Don’t Mess with Facebook

Facebook has its own page terms and conditions that you need to comply with. If you don’t, chances are the Facebook guys are going to take your page down. You would not want that to happen. Would you? This is the reason that you need to strictly follow the Facebook guidelines. There are plenty of people out their offering instinct likes, but all of that is fake. You don’t have to do it. Just follow the strategy and with time you are definitely going to see the results coming.

When done right Facebook Marketing can bring overwhelming results. However for that to happen, you need to invest your time in creating a strategy leaving all the common misconceptions behind.

So, are you up for it?


Sonia Tilbet


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