Ultimate Tricks for Twitter Marketing

Social media has changed a lot till now. Twitter is one platform where business persons can reach to millions of live audience in just few seconds. And social media is now moving to a more visual platform. You can connect to your audience anytime and from anywhere in the world. The most important thing is to follow the best methods to keep your marketing campaign(s) updated and it should always be innovative.

Twitter helps in popularizing your business, brand, website by just promoting content and adding a base of users. But marketers are not able to market at that extent because they don’t always follow the latest tips and tricks.

We have pulled together some twitter marketing tips, which will definitely help in twitter marketing.

Optimize with Simple Username

Whenever you are creating company’s profile or personal account, you should choose a professional username without numbers or special characters. Optimize your profile so that it is easily searchable and the user should know what exactly your profile is about. Use company or brand name if you’re representing a business. Ensure that you describe about the business in your bio and use keywords in it, so that your profile can be searched on different call-to-action keywords. Upload a logo as that of your company and a banner image that reflects your business more precisely. Add the company website link in the bio.

Engage with your followers

Start generating new followers and engage them with your content. Twitter will help in increasing reach to your users and you can add tag related to the post and can also use trending hash tags. Reply directly to the users if they have any queries by simply tagging them or DM them in case of personal query. Respond to the retweets and greet them for liking your post. Tweet should be interactive and should not be a blog or article title which may be boring for the users.

Use Videos and Photos

You can add videos and photos along with your content in tweet so that users can get more information in detail. This will help in more engagement of the followers. Images play an important role in social media as they catch more attention of the users. You can show case your products, facts, information through images and videos. Tweets with attached media fetches more clicks than a normal content post/tweet.

Use Twitter cards

Twitter has introduced cards to upload more content and media with a tweet. Cards help in generating leads and also fetches more attention of the followers. They help in downloading apps, websites clicks, sign ups and many more. Cards link the webpage with your tweet. You can use a dedicated landing page for twitter cards to capture leads. You can get involved in chats so that your followers will get response for their queries quickly. Twitter cards can be easily used for paid promotion and one just needs to fill up the billing details. You can experiment with the promoted tweets and note their response, which further helps in future planning. You can also target specific geo location and interest audience.


Use twitter analytics to monitor your all twitter activities and traffic. Plan for upcoming events and schedule your post and plans accordingly.


Four Facebook marketing mistakes that you need to avoid

If you want to go ahead with your Facebook marketing gimmicks, then the first thing you need to do is to understand the mistakes that you have been making. As important as it is to do the right thing, it is equally important to stop yourself from making the mistakes.

So, what can you do about it?

Well, here is a list of mistakes that can really help –

  1. Marketing is A Dialogue Not Monologue

Social media marketing got its name for a reason, and that reason is you have to be social with your community. Gone are the days when marketing was only a one way conversation from the company’s end, blabbering about their expertise. The rules have changed now. Marketing has become more of a dialogue, which you need to make with the audience, understand the problem they are facing and then come up with an answer on how your product or service can bring an end to that problem. Once you are able to do that, you can be sure to expand your community and let more leads flow.

  1. Posting Just Anything